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Welcome To P.H.N.M. College Kanpur

Our Vision

We aspire to produce competent, dynamic and skilled teachers imbued with higher ideals and values of life with a commitment to serve society, nation and the world at large.

Objectives of the Institution

  • To provide value-oriented activities and teaching programmes leading to a broader and positive frame of mind of teacher-trainees.

  • To give them adequate training to sharpen their intellectual skills to inculcate self-development.

  • To develop constructive awareness towards social and community welfare to ensure progress at the national level.

  • To prepare teacher-trainees with competencies and skills needed to meet the challenges and demands of dynamic global trends.

  • To emphasize the need for access to disadvantaged, marginalized and differently abled so that equality is established.

  • To make teacher-trainees fully aware of their responsibilities towards preservation and maintenance of ecological balance and the environment.

  • To assist and guide pupil-teachers in their endeavour toward their employment.

  • To strive for excellence in teaching-learning process with stress on technological advancements and their proper use.