Welcome To P.H.N.M. College Kanpur

Prof. H. N. Misra College of Education, Kanpur (Previous Name - International Center Collegeof Education, Kanpur) was established by Professor H. N. Misra in 1972. His Mission was to impart education and bring about an all-round development of its students to equip them to face the challenges of the new millennium.
Education is the ability to meet life situations, with fortitude and diligence laced with knowledge and intellect, one can rise to great heights. The thrust of education at Prof. H.N. Misra College of Education, Kanpur is not only to produce mere degree holders but bright young men and women, well equipped to foray into the world with an all round developed personality. Our vision at the institution is to impart quality education in all core disciplines ofknowledge by developing global leaders who are confident, smart, intelligent, gifted and whocan engage with life in all its perspectives.
With quality infrastructure and highly enthusiastic, motivated and qualified teachers - we earnestly endeavour to help you in realizing your dreams and make you better human beings andcitizens. We hope that the long list of distinguished alumnii who are serving the judiciary,administration, education, corporates, politics etc. would galvanize the youth into a positive direction, specifically for the development of society.
Sushil Kant Misra